Heating & Air Conditioning Service

Heating & Air Conditioning Service Atlanta GA

Taking Care of Your HVAC Needs

Your AC system is an essential part of your home. That’s why — when it comes to your home or business — you need quality services that you can trust. Air Select eliminates your AC downtime by providing timely and affordable services. Whether you need routine maintenance or an emergency repair, our experienced technicians are here for you.

Air Conditioning Services

AC Installation

From central air to window units, air conditioning is a necessity for the hot Georgia summers. That’s why no home is finished without it. Our technicians work quickly and efficiently to install a new HVAC system in your home and replace the broken or outdated system you already have. In most cases, your new system will work more efficiently and help lower your electric bill — saving you hundreds.

AC Repair

Air conditioning does more than cool down your home, it also removes the humidity from the air. So, when your AC system isn’t working properly, you’re likely to notice. Our technicians can identify the part causing the problem, fix it, or — in some cases — replace it so that it runs as good as new. Avoid complaints from your family and instead enjoy the cooling capabilities of an AC system you can trust.

AC Maintenance

It’s not enough to change the filter for your AC system. To ensure your HVAC unit is getting the care it needs to last 15 or more years, you need routine maintenance. Our technicians run diagnostics to determine the level of your coolant, efficiency of your system, and status of your parts. By proactively identifying potential issues, we can help you save money and avoid AC downtime.

Furnace/Heat Pump Services

Furnace/Heat Pump Installation

Space heaters can provide warmth for small areas of your home, but they can be a dangerous solution. By upgrading your HVAC system to include heat, you can lower heating costs and eliminate the risks of heating alternatives. Whether you need to replace an existing furnace or install a new one, our technicians work quickly — so that you can keep your home and family warm.

Furnace/Heat Pump Maintenance

Your heater plays just as important a role in the winter as your AC does in the summer — which is why you need proactive maintenance that will ensure your heat pump is working properly. Our technicians check your HVAC system regularly and determine if your furnace is prepared to heat your home, and whether or not you may run into any issues in the near future.

Furnace/Heat Pump Repair

When your heater is suddenly blowing cold air, it’s a sign that something isn’t quite right. There’s no need to troubleshoot the problem for yourself. Our technicians are available to check your heat pump, find the faulty part, and repair it or order new parts to get your heater back up and running. And, we’ll explain the problem in layman’s terms so that you know exactly what caused the issue and — if possible — how to fix it in the future.